About the Art


Argentium Sterling is a new sterling silver alloy that tarnishes very, very slowly. Conventional sterling silver is an alloy of pure silver and copper; in Argentium sterling, a small amount of the copper is replaced with another metal, germanium.

The product is so new that only a few jewelry supplies are made with Argentium, hence the clasps and findings on these pages are all made of conventional sterling silver. Under normal circumstances, washing with dishwashing liquid and a soft brush is all that is required to keep Argentium sterling jewelry bright and shiny.

Fine silver is .999 percent silver and is considered technically pure. Fine silver does not contain copper, which is a component of sterling silver and is the element that causes sterling silver to tarnish. Any coloration in a piece of fine silver jewelry has been added deliberately and is part of the design.

Fine silver will attract airborne dirt and skin oils, though, and may be cleaned either by rubbing gently with a paper towel or washing with dishwashing liquid and a soft brush.

The laboratory-created diamonds
used in TGS jewelry are, in my humble opinion, the best simulants on the market. Produced by Diamond Nexus Labs, they are used in fine jewelry creations worldwide.

The term "cabochon" refers to a gem, mineral or glass stone without facets. Most of the jewelry pieces for sale on this website feature cabochons.